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Selfies, while enjoyed by many, have grown to be controversial in their own special way. Words and phrases like “vain” or “self-centered” often pop up at the center of this controversy. In an article from , psychiatrist and contributing editor Dr. Gail Saltz shares his views on the subject. “…That’s the issue with our Selfie Nation: We get so focused on snapping photos, it tends to distract us from the present,” Saltz said. “If you’re constantly taking selfies at an event you’re not fully immersed in the moment, and it can detract from the satisfaction and joy.”

“The biggest change that comes to mind initially is we have a lot more freedom today to be who we are in our images,” Clark said. “In the past, there was such a limited amount of portraiture – first of all it was really expensive – so only the elite upper-class could have portraits made of themselves.”